The chemical industry is faced with manifold environmental challenges, including climate change and the overexploitation of non-renewable natural resources. It is in this context that the transition to plant-based chemistry and bio-based materials has emerged as an alternative to the use of fossil fuels and the implementation of new regulations. To meet these challenges faced by conventional chemical manufacturers, the Groupe Berkem has developed SYNERKEM® technology, the result of a synergy between its various subsidiaries. The objective, through the development of SYNERKEM® technology, is to support firms operating in the biocides market in their transition from conventional chemistry to plant-based chemistry. This new technology aims to reduce the content of active substances in chemical formulations significantly, while maintaining their original effectiveness.

Polyphenolic extracts for SYNERKEM® technology


SYNERKEM® technology is based on the use of polyphenols, which are secondary metabolites: they constitute a vast group of molecules naturally present in plants which act as a defence against various threats (insects, fungi, UV, disease). The use of polyphenols allows us to benefit from numerous biological effects of an antioxidant nature which fight cell ageing and the risk of illness associated with this process. This is why polyphenols are used particularly in the field of nutrition.

Thanks to the Groupe Berkem’s Research and Development division, it has been demonstrated that polyphenolic extracts have a synergistic action when added to active substances. It has been observed that, consequently, bioavailability of the active substances is optimised. The antioxidant properties of polyphenols are therefore relevant and effective in biocidal compounds: polyphenols, through their antioxidant effects, protect biocidal active substances from oxidation and optimise their efficacy. The objective of finding a way to boost the performance of active substances used in the composition of biocidal and phytosanitary products has been achieved.

Regulartory claims  

BPR : Synerkem® is not a biocidal or phytosanitary active substance. Plant extracts are formulated in a biosourced solution and are to be considered as a simple additive such as an anti-foaming agent, surfactant, etc…
CLP : Our extracts are unlabelled.
REACH : Registration files are ready to be filed.

How SYNERKEM® technology works?

SYNERKEM® technology enables the formulation of bioactive antioxidant substances based on the study and formulation of three major families of polyphenols: plant extracts with controlled levels of flavonols, flavanols or procyanidins (OPC), and polyphenols of interest. This unique compound of neutral surfactants allows antioxidants to be compounded with biocides in a stabilised emulsion. This unique technology has no biocidal activity, it acts as an activity booster compatible with all major biocides.

SYNERKEM® technology : example of stabilisation

As these polyphenolic extracts are difficult to use, a stable compound with optimal efficiency and meeting our quality criteria has been developed in our laboratories. In the case of certain wood treatment products, a reduction of at least 50% in the content of biocidal active substances has been achieved with preserved efficacy through the application of SYNERKEM® technology.

The applications of SYNERKEM® technology are numerous and we can help you adapting our technology to your products, from the R&D stage to pilot production. At the same time, we can provide our expertise on the regulatory aspects of marketing.