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The animal husbandry and stored food sectors are facing various problems that have evolved over time. These sectors are under pressure to innovate.

Today, animal husbandry accounts for 40% of the world’s agricultural production. This sector must respond to a global increase in demand for meat and milk and adapt to changes to production and marketing methods. It is a significant challenge: increasing production volumes while preserving natural resources, the many forms of agriculture and the farmers who depend on them.

This increase comes with increasing health risks.

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Rural Hygiene: Pests Of All Kinds

The premises in which agricultural or animal husbandry activities take place are subject to pests that can have an impact on the quality of the products or the well-being of the animals.


Red mites, fleas and mealworms carry many undesirable germs. Stored-product insects (SPIs) include numerous species such as the wheat weevil or the food mite. They can contaminate different stored products, including foodstuffs such as grains, cereals, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and even tobacco. Stored-product insects are a health risk. They can infest from household cupboards to food-processing factories.


Rural Hygiene: A Sector Stifled By Regulations

Alternatives to conventional chemical products are rare or too costly and time-consuming.

Cypermethrin, an active substance with insecticidal properties, is a standard ingredient in many insecticides. However, its use is becoming increasingly restricted, and it is clear that this substance is no longer a solution, at least not on its own.

Hygiène rurale

BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS proposes its SYNERKEM®  technology, which addresses the environmental, sanitary and regulatory issues facing manufacturers in the rural hygiene sector. This technology can be integrated into various formulations for different applications, such as the disinfection of livestock premises or pest control targeting rodents and insects.

SYNERKEM®  technology allows manufacturers to reduce the content of biocidal or phytosanitary active substances in their formulas while maintaining their effectiveness. This technology will help manufacturers accelerate their transition while meeting the sector’s expectations.

Our R&D teams put their expertise at your disposal to help you develop your projects. Let’s innovate together in vector and pest control solutions.