Dératisation, désinsectisation et désinfection, un secteur en pleine transition
22 . 03 . 22

Disinfection, Rat Extermination and Pest Control – A Sector In Transition

The CS3D (Chambre Syndicale Dératisation, Désinsectisation, Désinfection – Disinfection, Rat Extermination and Pest Control Industry Chamber) is the trade union that brings together the majority of players in the field of pest control. They include: manufacturers, distributors, and pest control product application operators.

CS3D companies are dedicated to preserving the human environment against pest infestations. Shops, restaurants, parks, schools, nurseries, industries… All sectors are concerned by this public hygiene issue. All the more so as this cohabitation between humans and pests can lead to significant health risks such as: the transmission of diseases, skin/allergy disorders, property damage (structures, furniture…) and psychological damage (triggering of phobias).

The Economic Challenges Of Pest Control

The 2020 report on disinfection, rat extermination and pest control companies shows that apartment buildings account for 25% of professional interventions in this sector. Individual houses come second, accounting for 23% of interventions. Business premises such as shops, storage facilities, restaurants, etc. account for the same percentage: 23%. And finally, public spaces such as universities, schools, nurseries, residential homes for the elderly, hospitals, etc. account for 19% of interventions. (Source : presseagence)

CS3D’s Main Interventions In 2020

2020 was marked by lockdown, and although there were no humans on the streets of big cities, there were rodents! 2020 recorded a 75% increase in rat extermination interventions compared to 2019. And rodents weren’t the only problem, there were also bed bugs. Although eradicated in the 50s, they made their comeback in the 2000s as travel increased. In 2020, pest control interventions for bed bugs increased by 76% compared to 2019, 93% for wasps and hornets, and 18% for cockroaches. (Source : presseagence)

Pest Management From A Regulatory And Environmental Perspective

Professionals in rat extermination, pest control and disinfection are constrained by very strict regulations. In order to control pests, it is necessary for the industry to use biocidal products. In an era where environmental issues are becoming increasingly important, the sector is not immune to this transition. This major change is supported by the CS3D, one of whose missions is to inform and raise the awareness of the sector’s professionals to the new environmental issues through training.

The Transition Through The Integration Of Plant-Based Chemistry For Pest Control Companies – A Challenge For The Future

Companies in the 3D industry must comply with current regulations and use, insofar as possible, techniques and products that are environmentally-friendly. It is in this context that the conventional chemical sector is increasingly integrating plant-based chemistry into its processes. BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS has turned this concern into its core business and offers to support manufacturers in the public hygiene sector in their industrial transition through SYNERKEM technology.