Groupe Berkem's expertise and know-how at the service of Berkem Biosolutions

Berkem Biosolutions is a department of Groupe Berkem born out of the desire to pool the qualifications of the Group’s subsidiaries by proposing an innovative range of enhancers for biocidal and phytosanitary products.

Berkem Biosolutions is the link between BERKEM, a company specialising in plant extraction, ADKALIS, an expert in the chemical formulation of (micro)emulsions and LIXOL, a major player in the field of alkyd resins.

As an innovative chemical company, Groupe Berkem operates in a highly-controlled regulatory environment. Each project is assessed and integrated in a responsible manner on a human, environmental and economic level.

Innovation is a driving force behind the Group’s business, and its human and material resources provide effective, high-quality solutions. Trends are anticipated by studying the evolution of the market, in order to improve and develop the tools and production capacities to enrich the company’s product and service offer.

Besides these technological and organisational assets, Groupe Berkem’s responsiveness mobilises all of its employees. The Group’s structural dimension, industrial tools, management style and control of its development, production and marketing chains are major strengths for the rapid supply of solutions and services to its target markets.

Berkem Biosolutions And Its Industrial Production Site

Berkem Biosolutions’ solutions are developed in laboratories and produced at Groupe Berkem’s historical industrial site in Gardonne (Dordogne). They benefit from the infrastructure, experience and expertise of the existing production teams.

Human resource of 50 people in production

2000 t of plants treated on average

3000 t of concentrated liquids produced

50 000 m² of production facilities, divided into 8 buildings dedicated to production and packaging

Storage space of 4 200 m²

Reactors – with capacities ranging from 100 l (pilot) to 12,000 l,

Dryers, evaporators, sprays, decanters, ovens, purification columns, mixers, powder mixers, inline dispersers

Packaging units from 0.5 l to 1000 l

Development of a CAPM (computer-aided production management) and CMMS (computerised maintenance management system) system for an optimised management of needs, stocks and tools



Groupe Berkem is an independent industrial SME specialised in fine chemicals. It prides itself on adapting to the shifts in the target markets of its subsidiaries, particularly in terms of the economic environment and needs in the field.

With BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS, flexibility translates into a range of services and solutions tailored to the requirements of its targets.


The BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS’ team is constantly monitoring its markets in order to propose relevant and clever solutions and maintain a close and trusting relationship with its interlocutors.


Groupe Berkem, through BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS, is committed to providing quality services and solutions to its clients.

This desire is reflected in the wish of Groupe Berkem’s employees to put their know-how at the service of market requirements.

The pooling of the Group’s inter-subsidiary qualifications offers a wide spectrum of success for each project entrusted to it. BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS is the link between BERKEM, a company specialising in Plant Extraction, and ADKALIS, formulator of emulsions / microemulsions. It thus benefits from the experience, expertise and support of the Group’s departments.

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